Balmain Residence

An original freestanding weatherboard cottage, set in an elevated leafy street in Balmain Sydney. The home belongs to a young family of 4, who chose to extensively renovate their home to restore it to its original beauty, whilst also extending the home’s footprint to suit their lifestyle. Our clients wanted a liveable yet fun and sophisticated house that would remain timeless for years to come.

We drew heavily on the surrounding natural environment with the colours we used throughout the interior. Specifically, the sage green in the kitchen is very calming and plays perfectly against the greenery from the native Australian trees. We also featured limestone & travertine in the scheme, both of which reference the warmth and rich heritage of the natural surroundings which can be seen throughout the area.

The style of the home is quite eclectic, it’s a mix of mid century modern, traditional & contemporary elements. We took a layered approach to the materials, it’s warm with accents of colour throughout. A considered approach to colour & texture is evident and this is highlighted through the use of wallpaper, tile patterns, mixed marble & travertine, paint colours.

Builder: Matt Build group